Malaga – Zenith my betting prediction

The great matches from the Champions League begin today and with them come the big bets. Whether justified or not is another question, but one game of the first eight immediately caught my attention. It is the match between Malaga and Zenit St Petersburg. This is a match where against each other we will see two teams with very different future.

Only a few months ago the owners of Malaga announced that they drastically reduce the funding for the club and those of Zenith decided to invest millions of euro to prove that financially the club is one of the most powerful in Europe. Several key players left the team of Malaga, sold to other clubs and at the same time several huge names were attracted to Zenith.

Malaga-Zenit-betting prediction

Surprisingly however, it somehow doesn’t affect the performance of both teams. Malaga started the season very well and so far has three wins and one draw. However, Zenith is on the fifth place in the standings in Russia with just 16 points gathered for 8 matches with 3 less than the first team of Terek Grozny.

But if we look more closely at the matches we will see that the team of Malaga started with very light program in Spain. All three wins were against teams on the bottom five in the standings. Both losses Zenith had from the two of the strongest teams in Russia. Something that does not justify them, but it is an explanation for the poor results.

Now, which of the two teams is in better shape? Malaga or Zenith. Of course, you can’t make a proper betting comparison between the teams because we haven’t got a common basis between them, but I think Zenit are the favorites of not losing this match. That’s why I am very surprised to see that the betting houses have chosen Malaga in this role. Odds for the Spaniards are 2.25 and for the victory of Zenith 3.3. The draw is estimated at 3.25.

But I am more interested in the odds in favor of Zenith on Asian Handicap offered by various betting houses. The odds for an advantage of 0; 0.5 in favor of the Russians are 2.025. This is going to be my bet for the first day of Champions League, although I know these matches are too unpredictable.