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Get the highest odds for your bets

When making betting predictions for football matches it is natural to want to get the highest odds with the most secure bet. While the first condition is relatively easy to achieve, the second one requires certain skills.
The presence of different bookmakers’ accounts is important for getting the highest odds because if you have many accounts you can compare the odds from different betting houses and bet where you have the best offers. However, making the safest bet could be achieved only by a proper play.

Let’s consider the most popular game – football and the betting options there. The football betting has a major problem being a game with three possible outcomes. This dramatically reduces the profits opportunities for bettors who need a slightly different method of betting. That’s why a few years ago the so-called Asian Handicap was introduced, in which the possible outcomes of a football match are reduced to only two. This provides much greater betting opportunities for every player because it raises considerably the success of the stakes.

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When talking about Asian handicap, however, it would be good to look at things from the inside. Consider the match between Bayern Munich and Valencia from this round of the Champions League. Bayern Munich is the favourite in the match, with odds for their win – 1.4. Valencia’s victory would bring 8 and 4 is the odds for a draw. But if you look on the Asian Handicap betting option, you would see that the coefficient for a win for Valencia with an advantage of 1;1.5 is 1.9. This means that if Bayern wins tonight with one goal difference, let’s say 2:1, the one who has placed a pound for Valencia will win 1.45. This is because the stake is divided to two. One part goes to the advantage of Valencia with one goal, which returns the stake from the betting house because Bayern wins with 2-1. The other part of the bet is winning, which is actually the profit of 45 pence.

However, if the bet on the same match for Valencia is for an advantage of 1.5 goals, you’ll get odds of 1.65. If the match ends again with a win for Bayern with 2:1 the punter will win 65p from the betting house.

That’s what I mean when I say the opportunities the Asian Handicap offers are great and allow for various and mostly safer bets.

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Snooker betting system

The betting strategy that I’m going to talk about in the next few paragraphs can be described as too risky. Even though I am going to present it, I have failed with it several times so far and I’ve lost my entire bank. However, this betting system deserves to be described in a few words, because it is really interesting and can be profitable if you are wiser than me and have a bit more luck. This betting system is for snooker and combines live betting and the Martingale system.

As we all know Martingale is one of the most dangerous betting systems and it can easily bring big losses and even a loss of the entire bank, so be careful with this method of betting.

snooker betting system

Now here are the details. In general, you need a match in which both players are with the same strengths. We need a match where no one is capable to win a long series of frames.

Then you start with your live betting on the weaker player to win every single frame. If you lose the first then by the principles of Martingale betting make the necessary increase on your bet for the second frame and so on until you win. When you win one bet, stop betting. Surprises always happen so don’t be greedy and don’t push your luck.

The negatives in this betting system are that the profit comes too slowly and you risk losing much money for less profit. Besides, it takes time because you need to watch many snooker games so to be able to track the results of each match and do the betting.

Despite these negatives, the system has its advantages, which should not be dismissed lightly. With the right game, it can bring profits and it is simple. Moreover, you don’t need any particular prediction skills with it. You can simply take the most equal match from the coupon and start betting.

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Malaga – Zenith my betting prediction

The great matches from the Champions League begin today and with them come the big bets. Whether justified or not is another question, but one game of the first eight immediately caught my attention. It is the match between Malaga and Zenit St Petersburg. This is a match where against each other we will see two teams with very different future.

Only a few months ago the owners of Malaga announced that they drastically reduce the funding for the club and those of Zenith decided to invest millions of euro to prove that financially the club is one of the most powerful in Europe. Several key players left the team of Malaga, sold to other clubs and at the same time several huge names were attracted to Zenith.

Malaga-Zenit-betting prediction

Surprisingly however, it somehow doesn’t affect the performance of both teams. Malaga started the season very well and so far has three wins and one draw. However, Zenith is on the fifth place in the standings in Russia with just 16 points gathered for 8 matches with 3 less than the first team of Terek Grozny.

But if we look more closely at the matches we will see that the team of Malaga started with very light program in Spain. All three wins were against teams on the bottom five in the standings. Both losses Zenith had from the two of the strongest teams in Russia. Something that does not justify them, but it is an explanation for the poor results.

Now, which of the two teams is in better shape? Malaga or Zenith. Of course, you can’t make a proper betting comparison between the teams because we haven’t got a common basis between them, but I think Zenit are the favorites of not losing this match. That’s why I am very surprised to see that the betting houses have chosen Malaga in this role. Odds for the Spaniards are 2.25 and for the victory of Zenith 3.3. The draw is estimated at 3.25.

But I am more interested in the odds in favor of Zenith on Asian Handicap offered by various betting houses. The odds for an advantage of 0; 0.5 in favor of the Russians are 2.025. This is going to be my bet for the first day of Champions League, although I know these matches are too unpredictable.